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Mrs. Swati Saraf Kasera

” Meet the woman who makes rasgollas in 200 flavours! “

Swati Saraf started this business in April 2016 when she noticed that the young generation didn’t have much of a sweet tooth these days. Forget rasgollas, they don’t even like ice cream a lot. As for the elderly, eating sweets is a big no, especially if they are diabetic. So, she came up with the idea of mixing real fruit extracts and natural flavours with chhena and just a little sugar. In this way both the young and the old can enjoy the richness of fruit and have a decent amount of protein intake because of the chhena.

There’s something blessed about rasgollas. Its white, spongy, fluffy, juicy texture – a perfect sphere filled with sweetness-has since its invention back in the 1860s, become synonymous with the Bengali identity and with Kolkata. But with evolving tastes and changing palates, the humble rasgolla is now getting some flair and pizzazz and that is where Swati Saraf comes in.

The city-based entrepreneur has given a new spin to the traditional sweet and dishes out – believe it or not – 200 different types of rasgolla!! From fruity flavours like strawberry, black currant, raspberry, green apple, orange, lichi, blueberry, banana, watermelon and pineapple to offbeat picks such as gundi paan shot, cappuccino, jeera, green chilli, pudina, kala khatta, phuchka and dalchini, among others, you name it and she has it, literally.

Why the rasgolla, the Bengali’s favourite sweet, though she’s not a Bengali herself?

Her Own Words : From my heart, I’m a true-blue Kolkatan. Being born and brought up here, I know the emotional connect the people of this city have with sweets, especially rasgolla. But the number of admirers of the sweet has been on the decline. So, I couldn’t stop myself from giving a quirky twist to the rasgolla. When chocolate rasgollas made it to the shops here, it was very well received by Bengalis, so I thought why not try other unique flavours!

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